DDL - Dominio Do Ligante Lda


Universidade de Aveiro
Campus Universitario de Santiago, Ed. 1

3810-193 Aveiro
Aveiro District

bautec 2018

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Exhibitor profile

Innovate the Past to Sustain the Future

About Us – our mission, vision and values

DDL Arg is a company specialized in R&D and Production of pre-dosed Traditional Lime Mortars, appropriate for renovation, and restoration of antique buildings and also for application in new constructions.

In addition to the regular products in the catalogue or within the R&D projects, DDL Arg provides a product customization service for the mortars (renders and plasters) and for finishing mortars regarding their technical and/or colour specifications in response to the client´s specific needs.

As its core activity, DDL Arg searches for a constant research and innovation in the development of sustainable solutions with products and processes with low environmental low impact.

Innovation in Sustainability

The R&D and Innovation activities from DDL Arg seek primarily to develop ecologically sustainable solutions, namely with the utilization of light aggregates originated from forest, agricultural and industrial waste, and to provide a clear alternative to the ETICS system, reducing the environmental impact of the coating solutions. ​

The DDL Arg company has a long time established partnership with the University of Aveiro, for the development of new products resorting to the university human and technological resources which takes form in its status as a spin off company from the University of Aveiro.

In parallel, DDL Arg also integrates the Amorim Cork Ventures project, sharing its facilities in Paços Brandão, functioning as a partner who looks for the development and production of goods and research projects with the purpose of developing new approaches to the cork application.

From the various ongoing research projects we can highlight the ECOInovArg, a Thermal Insulation Mortar Solution, project developed with the support of the European Commission, and the Evolution Cork Mortar (ECM) project, a lime mortar for a Thermal Insulation - under International Patent application.


Head Office and R&D
Universidade de Aveiro, Campus Universitário de Santiago, Edifício 1, 3810-139 Aveiro, Portugal

Commercial Office and Manufacturing
Rua Póvoa de Baixo nº 100, 4535 - 334 Paços Brandão, Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal

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