DDL.ECM – Evolution Cork Mortar | Kalk und Kork Mörtel

Product of DDL - Dominio Do Ligante Lda

bautec 2018

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Universidade de Aveiro

Campus Universitario de Santiago, Ed. 1

3810-193 Aveiro
Aveiro District

bautec 2018

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Product description

ECM is a lime mortar for Thermal and Acoustic Insulation; it is a dry premix mortar based on natural hydraulic lime and/or aerial lime as binder. The ECM has cork as main insulation aggregate that ensures a natural lightweight mortar with high thermal performance; other several additives confer plasticity and mechanical strength.

  • On façades for thermal insulation, elimination of cold bridging and/or interstitial condensation.
  • In interiors, can be used to increase the thermic comfort, since the specific temperature is higher than regular mortars.
  • On traditional supports as granite, calcareous or brick masonry but can also be used in contemporary supports.
  • ECM is applied either manually or by mechanical means, using traditional spraying equipment, at the required thickness.
  • The substrate must be clean but there is no need of prior regularisation.
  • Easy adaptation to complex surfaces.
  • Smooth surface without irregularities, thus there isn’t accumulation.
  • Auto-cleaning surface with antibacterial additive, non-toxic to human health.
  • Ready-to-use when adding water; a single layer (up to 2 cm/layer).
  • Decrease of manpower needs versus ETICS.
  • Reduce environmental impact.

  • Elasticity and resistance: suitable mechanical resistance, good working time, high plasticity, and low level of soluble salts.
  • Porosity: great water vapour permeability and low tendency to cracking.
  • Versatility: possibility of making one layer of 7 cm thick, and higher if in several layers. Three methods of application (manual, projection and injection). The injection version is designed specifically for thermal insulating of back air cavities and double walls.