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Universidade de Aveiro

Campus Universitario de Santiago, Ed. 1

3810-193 Aveiro
Aveiro District

bautec 2018

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Product description

DDL.LMM - Lime Modern Mortar - have two binders that make the connection between the traditional and the modern mortars. With an aerial binder (hydrated lime) and a natural hydraulic binder (NHL), with low mechanical proprieties, with siliceous aggregates with circular section, and wide specific surface, these mortars conciliate high workability and an increase of the resistance.

It’s a product designed for buildings dated between 1920 and 1940.

Its formulation has specific additives, like fibres, to allow its use in the interior as well the exterior, maximizing the chemical and mechanical compatibility with the historic solutions. It is a good option for partition walls.

  • Elasticity and resistance: Good resistance to the building movements, due to its good elasticity and suitable mechanical resistance. Suitable for buildings dated between 1920 and 1940 and older in a bad conservation state.
  • Porosity: The formulation allows a high vapour migration to the air and of salts to the surface.
  • Reversibility: Easily removed and suitable for punctual reparation, avoiding the need of a full intervention.